Clean Environment.
Quality Air.
Better Living.

Do you have a mould or mildew problem in your home? Are you experiencing rising damp or weeping windows? Are you or your family experiencing health issues or allergies?

Eco Air Systems uses proven technology and state-of-the-art ventilation systems to permanently prevent and eradicate mould, reduce indoor air pollutants and increase energy efficiency in your home or workplace.


How We Make A Difference

We place great importance on clean air and overall wellbeing, and that’s why we have a range of solutions for all homes, commercial areas and everything in between. Our product has seen much success in moisture-laden central Europe, this ensures it is more than capable of handling the climate conditions in Australia.

Our products are helpful in reducing energy loss due to air pressure drops, improving skin and breathing issues and alleviating cognition issues due to poor air quality. You’ll be astounded by the difference proper ventilation will have on your life and the health and wellness of those you care about most.


Air Quality:
Not Just Ventilation

Poor home ventilation is a catalyst for a variety of issues and illnesses, ranging from property damage right through to severe health complications. We have many clients who have utilised our services for mould eradication or sub floor ventilation and found that they are experiencing renewed health and comfort through better air quality.


Your Leading Filtered Air Specialists

Our team has over 30 years of experience in providing clean and purified air in residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Over the last few decades we have undertaken extensive research, collecting information and testing and trialling a range of solutions from all around the world. This has led us to the discovery of advanced technology in Europe, where wet weather and climate conditions have a greater impact than other regions. 
Our primary goal is to provide every home, office and worksite with fresh, filtered high-performing energy Saving ventilation systems. We pride ourselves on delivering beyond expectations and providing the most up to date solutions.


We suffered the debilitating effects of excess moisture for months on end and tried several Band-Aid remedies with no result. Ecoair literally changed our lives by getting rid of our excess moisture problems permanently.

Ian Chaplain, Camberwell

Ecoair Systems were very quick and helpful. It only took a few hours and they were able to fix it.
I’m quite satisfied with what they did.

Aubrey B, Fitzroy

Eco Air Systems provided a competitive quote and their solution had already been tested in another apartment in the complex. Very happy with their work.

Frank T, Newport

I just wanted to let you know that since having subfloor ventilation installed my kids have NOT been sick. You are not going to stop the common cold, but the baby doesn’t get croup anymore.

My eldest son hasn’t had asthma and my middle son has only had asthma once. I cannot rave to people enough about how much this simple solution has saved my family’s health.

Jo D , Bayles