I just wanted to let you know that since having subfloor ventilation installed my kids have NOT been sick.

You are not going to stop the common cold, but the baby doesn’t get croup anymore.

My eldest son hasn’t had asthma and my middle son has only had asthma once.

I cannot rave to people enough about how much this simple solution has saved my family’s health.

Jo Davis, Bayles

Finally some awesome relief to our ventilation issues.

Sally Q, Camberwell

Ecoair Systems Your ventilation technology is Fantastic.

Amanda S, Brunswick

Excellent advice and detailed written report provided by Ecoair Systems. The installation of the ventilation system was done quickly without any problems and I noticed a difference to the air quality in the home within a day. Terrific guarantees provided. Follow up service provided to check moisture reading after a few weeks.

Nicky S Armadale

Ecoair Systems were very helpful and professional. I thought their service was great and loved the useful advice they gave us.

Debra F Melbourne

Ecoair Systems came out quickly, made sense and gave me a reasonable quote on my sub floor ventilation. He had the job completed in half a day.

Rhyll R Camberwell

Ecoair Systems was very quick and helpful. It only took a few hours and they were able to fix it. I’m quite satisfied with what he did.

Aubrey B Fitzroy

Ecoair Systems provided a competitive quote and their solution had already been tested in another apartment in the complex. Happy with their work.

Frank T Newport

Ecoair Systems is very professional and knowledgeable in their specialised field of work. They spent time informing what and how the problem happened and given an insight into the understanding of moulds and the eradication method.

I would definitely recommend Ecoair Systems for all future works and to friends and families.

Sharon W Caulfield

Ecoair Systems were prompt and got the job done quickly. They did a good job installing our exhaust.

Larson J Oakleigh