Our Services

Eco air offers a range of solutions to suit both home and commercial situations. We tailor our solutions to satisfy requirements , making sure that we create clean air solutions. Whether its home ventilation installation, subfloor ventilation installation, mould removal or anything in between, we can help.

With Ecoair Systems you can expect:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Micro filtration cleans and purifies the air, improving its quality
  • Delivers fresh air with optimum oxygen levels
  • Tailored solutions for different spaces and operations
  • High standards of service

Take a look at our range of services below:

Air Testing Services

Ecoair Air Testing Services utilises sophisticated Air Testing Equipment to sample air quality that is analysed in the Laboratory to determine Oxygen Levels, the presence of Contamination such as Asbestos, Moulds, Vapours, Lead, Gases, Volatile Organic Compounds.

It’s an established fact that 98% of Airborne Contamination (the invisible particulate) cannot be seen by the naked eye causes people to inadvertently being exposed to breathing polluted air. Airtight homes and work environments are routinely designed to maximise energy ratings by exposing people to breathe stale oxygen depleted contaminated air.

Inhaling oxygen depleted contaminated air loaded with VOCS can create health issues as these compounds are known to cause headaches, lethargy, poor cognition and a general feeling of being unwell.

Factory & Warehouse Ventilation:

Ecoair has the ventilation solution that maintains a healthy and comfortable work environment

The vagaries of the Australian Weather can make Working in Factory and Warehouse Environments onerous. During the Winter months Indoor Heat naturally rises and becomes trapped at the roof area when it could be better utilised at the floor level where it can be cold and miserable. Conversely, during the Hot Summer months factories and warehouses experience elevated heat & humidity that creates onerous energy sapping work environments.

We have the Fan technology that keeps the work environment cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

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